Impulse Product Development offers customized reverse engineering services to ensure we capture the existing components in the most accurate and economic way possible. 

Our product-development experts have years of industry experience, access to advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technologies, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), laser scanners, and cutting-edge production facilities to provide reverse engineering. As part of this service, we can provide documentation, design specifications, materials analysis, cost projections and prototyping.

Common reasons for reverse engineering include:

  • Discover, document and plan for interoperability issues among and between parts and assemblies
  • Document technical specifications for legal protection and future production
  • Product analysis to reduce costs, improve performance and increase competitive advantage
  • Create computer-aided design (CAD) of an existing product to assist in next-generation changes and upgrades
  • Upgrade existing components and assemblies into current 3D CAD technology for future downstream use (i.e. next-generation designs, prototyping, and production)
  • Recapture lost or outdated drawings and data
  • Capture 3D, hand-sculpted models into 3D CAD technology for downstream use (i.e. further CAD design and data manipulation, prototyping, and production)