Impulse Product Development offers industrial and conceptual product design services. The firm’s product development engineers and CAD experts have years of experience developing technical specifications and design schematics based on functional, aesthetic and competitive objectives. We partner with our clients to ensure that all of the product designs we develop can be efficiently and cost-effectively manufactured to meet industry and end-user expectations.

Our industrial and conceptual product design services are based on both art and science. We create product designs that take into account form, function, user ergonomics, engineering challenges, manufacturing and marketability to help our clients bring products to market that are compelling and profitable.

We offer assistance, counsel and support in the following areas:

  • Comparative product research and analysis
  • Concept sketches
  • CAD design and engineering
  • Rapid and virtual prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Material specifications and sourcing
  • Manufacturing cost projections Usability testing


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