In many organizations, CAD design is a bottleneck in their product development process. The organization has plenty of engineers to manage the projects from concept thru production, but during the CAD design phase things typically slow down – sometimes dramatically.

The other challenge most organizations face is justifying the cost of adding more CAD designers / engineers. Having too much staff can have a dramatic affect on their fixed cost and ultimately their bottom line.

Many organizations manage CAD capacity by keeping the minimum number of CAD designers on staff as possible. They know that there will be times they can’t keep up with demand, but that outweighs the financial risks of having too much capacity. That’s the cause of the typical bottleneck.

Efficient organizations get the best of both worlds. They keep the minimum number of CAD designers on staff, and they also eliminate the bottleneck by partnering with an outside design / engineering firm to help during those peak demand times.

At Impulse, our CAD designers / engineers spend at least 7 hours of everyday actively using CAD systems. That’s approximately 1800 hours of CAD design every year. That’s what separates us from other companies and typical designers and engineers.

Partnering with Impulse will add a huge and immediate impact to your capacity.

  • Do you need someone to create a robust, initial CAD model that your in-house engineers can take through to production?
  • Do you need someone to make changes to an existing CAD file?
  • Do you need someone to handle an unexpected project that just popped up?
  • Do you need someone to take your design through to the production phase?

That’s what we do. All day. Everyday.
Increase your capacity today. Give us a call.

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  • Designing with Solidworks
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  • Parametric Product Design
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  • Design for Assembly
  • Design for Manufacturability




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