Who We Are

In 1998, we launched Impulse in Indianapolis to offer companies an extension to their existing product development team. Offering product development in a range of expertise, from simple product design and development to the complex, contracting manufacturing initiatives that involve hundreds of parts that are sourced and produced domestically and internationally.

Our Approach

With more than 18 years of experience, we specialize in assisting our clients with product development. We proudly lead innovative product development by designing, engineering and managing the manufacturing of products across various industries and categories. We can meet clients at any point and help them move through the development process.


We have a special ability to fit within clients’ processes to streamline design. We work within the specifications and timelines of the client and deliver a solid design as if it came within the company, because, it kind of did.


Our efficiency runs at 90%. If we work an 8 hour day, 7.2 of those hours are billable. With our experience, we can complete in one day what certain design departments can complete in three days.


We work closely with our clients, to provide valuable insight and direction, explore design alternatives, test theories, confirm product performance and prepare products throughout the entire product development process.


We help our clients move forward through the product-development process, no matter what point they’re at, providing options to different challenges to keep our partners progressing.