Nine reasons to outsource your work1. It’s Cost Effective

Many potential clients discard the possibility of outsourcing some of their product development because they expect it to be too expensive. However, after considering the following items, they realize that outsourcing some or all of the product development to Impulse is a very cost-effective solution:

  • Employee costs: hiring fees, salary, taxes, benefits, legal, etc..
  • Overhead expenditures on office space, computers, software, training, etc…
  • Administrative costs: IT support, management support, human resources, payroll, etc…
  • Risk costs: downsizing, severance pay, legal support, etc…

2. It Accelerates Time to Market

In addition to the items noted above, Impulse can lower your product development costs because we’re fast. We understand that the faster the design and development are completed, the faster the product gets to market. And, the faster the product gets to market, the sooner your organization is profiting from the product. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high quality designs at speeds that often shock our clients. In addition to our ability to deliver quickly, Impulse is still working on the product design while your team is handling your in house requirements like reports, reviews, and meetings. Being able to focus all of our efforts on the design and development of your product allows us to be very efficient and to meet very short time lines.
3. It Creates A Fresh Perspective

Impulse understands that your organization is an expert in your industry. But have you ever felt that you’re products have become bland; that you’re not innovating? Maybe a fresh perspective is what you need. Having someone from outside your existing product development team that understands all phases of product development brainstorm and evaluate ideas for your existing and new products can bring a fresh perspective to your product line. Sometimes getting fresh ideas from someone outside of your organization can go a long way toward injecting new life into your product line.
4. It Adds Expertise

When Impulse becomes a part of your product development team, you immediately gain years of product development expertise. We’ve designed thousands of products over the years, and we’ve been involved in many different industries. Impulse leverages the experience of all of the product designs and the various industries to add a significant amount of expertise to your team. Whether you need to supplement your existing product development team or need to fill a gap in your existing product development team, Impulse can help.
5. It Adds Other Product Development Resources

Over the years, Impulse has developed many relationships with other product development resources. We work with many companies that serve the different stages of the product development process including, rapid prototyping companies, prototype post processing companies, digital laser scanning companies, industry experts, U.S. and overseas tool makers and manufacturers, retails sales channels, and more. All of these resources become available to you immediately when Impulse becomes part of your product development team.

6. It Creates Scalability

When you develop a relationship with Impulse Product Development you receive two intangible, but highly valuable, benefits. First, it allows you to scale your product development team up or down as your needs require. As your new products begin the product development process, you can scale up your product development team by bringing Impulse in to meet the demands of an increased workload. As the development of your new products moves from the design, engineering, prototyping phases into the production and distribution phase, you can scale back Impulse’s involvement until the next product line begins the product development process. Or sometimes a project develops that has an aggressive time line requiring rapid scale-up of manpower. Hiring full-time or temporary employees is not a viable option. With Impulse you can allocate the exact resources needed for the quick turn project while keeping your in house team focused on existing deadlines.

7. It Improves Company Focus

Working with Impulse allows your product development team to focus on your core business expertise while Impulse focuses on their expertise – product design, engineering, CAD design, prototyping, and manufacturing support. Many of our clients’ product development teams consist of project managers or other individuals with specific responsibilities.. By adding Impulse to your team, you add product design, engineering, CAD design, prototyping, and manufacturing expertise to your team while letting your in-house team members focus on their core responsibilities and expertise.

8. It Maintains Intellectual Property

Impulse understands that the security of intellectual property is a primary concern for organizations. Impulse always conforms to non-disclosure agreements, patent assignments, and other necessary documents that help protect your organizations intellectual property. We can even assist your patent lawyers with patent documentation and preparation. In addition, Impulse transfers rights to all intellectual property that is developed by Impulse as a result of our involvement in the development of your products.

9. It Controls the Timeline

In a typical organization, timelines are set based on today’s work load and capacity. However, we know that situations can arise at any moment that affect both the work load and capacity of your product development team. Those situations can immediately compromise the timeline of the product development process. When you collaborate with Impulse on a project, one of the first items that is discussed is the timeline and deliverables. You can be assured that once a timeline is agreed to, Impulse will deliver. You can also be assured that if you run into a situation on an existing project, Impulse is always ready to step in any help you meet your deadline.